Memories Of Wild Asparagus

Oh my gosh, I love asparagus and my whole family loves it. When I was growing up here in Colorado, my mom would go out hunting when asparagus was in season and she'd pull the car over and cut off as many tender stalks as she could find in the ditch. We would eat it for dinner and it just tasted better than store bought. I also have memories of living accross the street from this horse pasture and my mom told me she notice some growing wild that hadn't been touched. We went over and under the fence and cut off some wild asparagus. Just so you understand it wasn't because we were poor that we did this. It was a sort of hobby of my mom's and I will never forget how tender those stalks were. Butter drizzled over it and a little salt. We might have it with pork chops or in a small green salad. Nothin like wild asparagus, hand picked.

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2 Responses Dec 10, 2009

that sounds awesome! my old friend used to pick the baby fern shoots from her forest, yes it's always better wild /home grown than store bought :)

I love it too. Especially with good meat.