Humping My Wife's ***

My wife is an active partner in my *** worship and one pleasure we both enjoy every much is *** humping. My wife will lie face down on the bed and keep her legs together. I straddle her legs and start by putting a liberal amount of lube in her fanny crack. I rub it in, making sure to give lots of attention to her anus. Once I can tell she's good and warmed up, I place my **** between her fanny cheeks, press down and start to hump, sliding my **** up and down her crack.

There's no anal penetration (other than my fingers during the preliminary massage), just a steady thrusting of my **** in between her crack. I just love how it feels, especially when I straddle her warm, round fanny cheeks while I hump her crack. As I do this my wife rubs her **** and gets lots of pleasure from the friction of my **** rubbing back and forth on her anal area. The lube makes this a really pleasant experience for both of us.

Her loud moans get me excited and eventually, I ***, spurting all over her backside. I usually just collapse on top of her, my **** still in her crack, pressed into her cleft very deeply.
jimmyL55 jimmyL55
61-65, M
Aug 12, 2013