January 2009 For Scorpio

January 2009

For Scorpio:



Mars is staying in Capricorn all month: Mind you language please! Watch aggression. Don’t be hasty and brash while communicating with people. Use the current outburst in expression for writing something beautiful like poetry. Positive reading: To some you might sound sexy this month.





is in Aquarius


Forward motion from 1 to 10:  I hear you talking with you siblings at home. Are you talking about starting a project together?


Reverse motion from 11 to 20: the communications at home will hit a sudden block or obstacle. Wait.


Is in Capricorn from 20 till after end of month: Bad communications. Something electrical is in the air. Do you want to clash with everyone? Take it easy



The sun


is in Capricorn from 1 to 21: Quit bragging!



Is in Aquarius from 22 to after end of the month: The project you’re about to undertake at home/with your family/mother is getting warmer and warmer. You can start it now.





is in Aquarius from 1 to 2


is in Pisces from 3 till after end of month: Fun.



Summary: The month is all about home and bad communications! Control your slip-ups and you will be fine.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Dec 28, 2008