February 2009 For Scorpio

February 2009

For Scorpio:

The Aquarian crowd


Good luck, Compassion, Activity and the Pride are in the home sector for you Scorpio.  The outcome of these four planets very much depends on each one of you. Some will start a project with the family members involved (including your mother). Another group of you will just be swamped with errands/demands coming from the home/wife/children/expansions inside the house.



Venus is in Aries starting the 3rd of February and for an exceptionally extended period of time; A good period for the career and employment opportunities. Don’t let your bad communications get in the way of a benefit from these opportunities. If you can delay, do so until the last 10 days of the month. If not just watch you tongue and prepare yourself ahead of time.



Mercury is in Capricorn and on forward motion; hopefully bad communications of last month will get better. Mercury will join the Aquarian crowd mid month, to indicate communications inside home. If entering a project at home with family members, check and double things all this year Scorpio, because deceiving information could be found.



The sun is in Pisces after the 21st, activating your house of fun.



Summary: What are you doing at home, with your family members?


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Jan 31, 2009