Scorpio and the Far Planets In 2009

8 – For Scorpio:



Saturn is still dwelling in Virgo. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and limitations. What’s it doing your house of friendship? I don’t know! Have you lost contact with some of your (dearest) friends? Saturn is sending you some kind of a twisted message that to be/stay friends with people, you have to earn their friendship? Keep your head up high and don’t lose your hopes. You might feel alone, unappreciated by your friends or working your butt in some project involving pleasing your friends. Anyhow, accept the message because Saturn is trying to re-build your friendships through cutting out friends that are no longer “needed”?


Uranus is willing to repair the damages brought by Saturn, by breaking the cycle of routine and bringing change and originality to your fun house and reconnecting you with people through your recreational activities. Are you meeting new people while exercising? Too bad, the two planets are on war against each other, with your friendships in the middle. How the battle will end? It depends on how smart you are.



Jupiter and Neptune are combining their forces to tighten the ropes that tie you to your home and family. The home, the family, the mother/wife will outline 2009 for you Scorpio. Your family will be demanding in 2009. Your mother is probably to nag or try to force her control over the house and over you too. You will be held responsible of the family. The house will count on you for caretaking and protection. And it is something that you won’t swallow easily this year. But through it all, there will be times when you’ll feel very happy with your family and spend wonderful times together. A big secret project might involve you and your family members. If it is the case then the outcome will be beautiful and fruitful (morally and materially).



Pluto in Capricorn is renewing or giving power to all your communications and educational endeavors.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2008