February 2009 For Cancer

February 2009

For Cancer:



The Aquarian crowd


On the 5th of February 2009, four planets will be in Aquarius: Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and the sun. A major month for you Cancer, a new person is emerging out of you; out with the old, in with the new. Sexual relationships are looking amazing! Large incomes and/or large expenditures are highly and equally probable this month. Joint funds are lifting up, as your access to other people’s money. Your obsession with occult, psychic and taboo matters of any subject will continue and/or rise up high this month.


Venus in Aries starting the 3rd of February, a certain rise in your social status is coming to you; Good period career wise.


Mercury is in the house of partnership starting the 1st and until the 14th. On the 15th, it will join the Aquarian crowd. If partnership communications were suffering last month, then they will definitely get better on the first half of this month.



The sun will leave the Aquarian crowd after the 21st, to join Uranus; both will boost your travels and studies of higher education.


Summary: Good month.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Jan 29, 2009