Yes , Astronomy

I really like astronomy , I think I can find myself in it .I can say Astronomy is like A very wide and big door that lets us to know who we are in this universe .

bluenebula bluenebula 22-25, M 9 Responses Jul 31, 2010

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Astronomy picture of the day ?

any additional info about it ?

Have you heard of Astronomy Picture of the Day? When I found out about it I screamed like I'd just hit the jackpot...because I had!

I love it a lot and recommend it :)

That is interesting , get your own floridabreeze .

happy to know my friends who share me this feeling.

so Astronomy helps , I guess .

best wishes to you angsty ! .

I would love to have dark skies. It helps to break through the pollution with my Newtonian, but sometimes just naked eye viewing is all I want. Heads up on the August 1 - August 4 on the conjunction in the west of Saturn, Mars & Venus just after dusk! Unfortunately, my skies are crappy with clouds then. Pooty foo!

Oh...Amazing ,

I am green with envy .

Nice to have your reply aboutjody , you also like astronomy very much?

Astronomy has done so much to show mankind our place in the universe. I live near Mauna Kea on the Big Island where they are planning to build the Thirty Meter Telescope.

No , I didn't mean astrology , I even don't believe in .

I do mean astronomy .it lets me think about different planets , stars , asteroids , moons ........etc

When studying and reading about these things , I find myself attracted to such things .

Thanks for your relpy . Best wishes to you too .

I like to know my friends who share me this feeling .