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Grooving On The Universe From My Couch

There's two telescopes gathering dust in my house.
Due to issues too numerous to mention, they are going to sit there for a while.

Meanwhile, I'm using a wonderful app called "Star Chart" on my Iphone.

No problem with lugging out the Newtonian, no worries about light pollution, next-door neighbors partying on their patio when the sky is transparent and I'm not going out there to be their entertainment. And bugs...and skunks. Or freezing my buns off.

My astronomic joy ride is from my couch, thanks to this app.

Oh, make no mistake, I do have binoculars I still use.
They're awful, really, I need to get a better pair.

angsty angsty 61-65, F 2 Responses Feb 26, 2012

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Hi, Angsty, I hear ya about the light pollution. It's terrible here, probably and particularly due to the cloud cover we have in western Oregon, USA.

You're very fortunate! <br />
The next time you look up at all of the stars you can see, think of me.