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I think part of my obsession with music is the attention that it brings.  That's not all of it but certainly a part.  I love attention in any form.  Unfortunately negative attention as well.  What a weird deal.  To appreciate attention even when it's disapproving.
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5 Responses Jun 27, 2007

Thank you very much kallindo! It's good to have you as a friend :)

HEHEHE the POOF thing was funny :-) Well you got my attention! (not in a gay way :-P) Thx 4 adding me to your circle & congratulations on the "reformed" part of your automation :-)

Yeah, I guess it's probably a carry over from my childhood. I was the youngest in the family for 8 years (getting all the attention) and then we had a surprise little brother and POOF went the whole center of attention thing.

If you're at all confused by this idea, just observe kids some time. Kids are way more likely to do the wrong thing to get attention than the right thing - they know that doing the wrong thing gets results fast - and they are usually willing to pay the price - for them, the attention is worth it.

i don't know that i agree with you when you say it is weird to like attention even when it is negative. the only example i can think of is sometimes you do something you believe is right, but not everyone agrees with you so they give you a bad time, but if you believe in your act that is what matters, that you did something that helped you feel happy. i did this the other day and got a lot more attention in a negative way than i expected or wanted, but it made me feel that at least my act might have changed opinions in the long run...