Down Under For Me

When i was a litle kid i always used of dreaming to visit Australia.. And if you ask me why i have this fascination with this country i think it might be of all the traveling i have done. Maybe part of me wants go to a country that is the most farest away from mine. But i know Australia is more then that. It has amesing nature and a whole different kind of life style were i am not used to. I wanna experience it myself. So one day i will come there and be seeing everyting from Australia.. I know it is big country so yes it wil take probaply a year. It would be great to have a aussie accent to after that haha:) And while i am there i wil also visit New Sealand. So a whole plan now all i need is a sponsor:)
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I gues the nature.. The big dessert.. and woods.. The openiss and wideniss.. I think you can travel in Australie for hours without seeing someone. I think that is just great..being free.. seeing all the incredible rocks and animals. Meet the people there wich i hurt are very open and easy going. I am just curious what is on the other side of the world:)

It's nice to hear that you love your country so much. I have read several other posts about how Australians are morons and lazy yada, yada. I don't agree with this for sure. I am an Australian citizen by grant and have been since 1989. I consider myself Australian and never let anyone say anything bad about the country or its people. I'm moving back next year after 14 year. ATB :)

what u like so much about Australia?

what about me?!.. . what about me?!.. . <br />
..when will you visit me?!.. :P