The Aussie On My Voicemail

I suppose about a year and a half ago I got the idea that I wanted to take drum lessons.  On a whim I went to a local music shop and asked the manager about prices and the such.  I left him my cell phone number.

And I will tell you now that due to circumstances beyond my control, I only ended up attending one class. 

That’s not the point of this story.

The point is that my cell number was handed over to the Australian drum instructor and he left me this message.

Now, it was nothing he said.  In fact, no matter how many times I’ve listened to that message, I can hardly tell you what he said.  His name.  Something about when we could meet up.  His e-mail.

No, it was, in fact, the way he said it.

The way his mouth handled the words in such the way I didn’t hear everyday.  Tumbling from his throat across his tongue and through his lips. 

After I heard the message for the first time, my voicemail naturally asked me “to erase this message press 7, to save it press 9.”

A moment of consideration.


“This message will be saved for forty days.”

So, I listened to the message every now and then for forty days.  Grinning madly every time.

But time ran out, as it tends to do, and my voicemail was suddenly making demands of me again. 

My response?


The message ended up staying in my voicemail for about a year.  It wasn’t like I was listening to it every day.  Especially towards the end of its run, it was just an occasional treat.

It was just so damn charming.

But it had its go. 

During a voicemail clean-out, I decided to delete it. 

Oh well.

I guess I could always take up drums again.

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Hehehe ... this story almost makes me want to listen to myself talk ..... almost but not quite! Glad you like the good ol' Aussie Drawl!

accent since when did we aussies have an accent.<br />
i have no idea what you guys are on about <br />
fair dinkum this sounds like a load of gammon to me.<br />
jeez ya woudn be dead for quids wood ya<br />
no really don't come the raw prawn.<br />
its the rest of yoooz whove got an accent

i love it as well its a diffrent take on the prounaciation of words i love it

The accent is plesent to the ear. I expecially enjoy it when a woman is speaking with it.

Oh - the Aussie accent! Devine - absolutely yummy.

Oh yeah. There is something about the way Australian's talk that is incredibly charming. ;)

Woohoo! I am an Aussie.. I find our accent awful! I dislike hearing my own voice haha. But I lurve a certain American accent and Irish! Yummy!