Going to the Servo, Gonna Get a Sausage Roll!

So I'm writing in ma best bogan (pron bojarn) and spredin the love of the Aussie language. A thong goes on your foot, and isn't a bloody flip flop. Strewth is a real way to express most emotions, and everything can be abbreviated.

Servo; service station/ petrol station/Gas station

Pokies: Poker Machine/Slot machine

Dingbat: A silly person

Yobbo: Someone who wears flannos and drinks booze

Flanno: A flannalette shirt, usually with long sleeves and a tartan pattern, often with sleeves removed

Trackies: Tracksuit pants

Trackie Dacks: See above

**** Pokers (DP's): A man's swimsuit

Sanga: Sandwich/Sausage

Rissole (or arsehole): Meat ball

Bloke: A masculine man

Fairy: an effeminate man

Bull Dyke: a masculine woman

Tronno: Toronto

The Diff: Cardiff

Tinnie: A can of beer

Stubbie: A bottle of beer

Stubbie Holder: Pretty obvious

Jarmies: Pyjamas

Goon: Cheap wine

Bizzo: Can refer to anything, and be subject or object in a sentence: eg: Hey, pick up that bizzo, and chuck it in the bizzo over there. I need to take it to the servo.


There's more, but i'm at my limit, I'm going to leave the rest to anyone reading to add...


And remember: Its a long way to the shop if you wanna sausage rooooooolllll!



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3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Nice mate, can u make sure you don't let that toss pot Gazza in with you, he gives me the trots! He's such a **** head, that I swear even Goulborn won't have him!

Great mate! I'm takin' the Sheila in the ute to get a slab and<br />
<br />
pick up the tinnie and go fishin'with Davo and Jono!<br />
<br />
See you this arvo!

While I was living in Australia, nearly everyone referred to the toilet as the "dunny". yep, i thought that was brilliant, but then again, I am very juvenile