starting this monday, there is a new Avatar episode every night leading up to the 2 hour series finale!  GAAAHHH!!!  i am so STOKED!  what's gonna happen?????

is another character gonna die?  and if so, who?  are aang and katara getting together?  what about mai and ty lee, where are they?  and i wanna see zuko teaching aang!!!  i know there is gonna be a sibling showdown between azula and zuko (GOOO ZUKO!)  when will iroh come back?  will he and his nephew be reconciled?  what about the order of the white lotus?  how did bumi get away?  what about the freedom fighters?  are they gonna spring the kyoshi warriors from jail?  and in the finale trailer it showed ursa coming back and azula losing her mind!  what about the avatar state?  is it really closed, or will something be able to trigger it despite the chakra injury?  how much destruction is the comet gonna cause?  will we see the earth king again?  or long feng?  howsabout the dai li?  the creators said we will be learning more about the raids on the south pole, and the death of sokka and katara's mother.  will we see anymore Roku flashbacks?  the preview for the ember island players episode looked pretty funny right?  did you see in the finale trailer when katara halted the rain??  and that awesome secret ninja mission thing?  and holy crap, will Zuko finally take the throne and become the Firelord as is his birthright?  will we be seeing the guru again?  where will the final battle be?  at the fire nation capitol, or are people gonna be fighting all over the world?  and of course the loaded question: will we see any airbenders suddenly come out of hiding, or did the mega genocide 100 years ago really truly wipe all of them out?

i want to knooooow!  and i also wanna see more kick-butt action from Zuko, Toph, Aang, Sokka, Katara, Azula, and...heck, everyone!  i can't wait!!!!

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you said it!!!