These Guys..

omg i didn't know i can add gifs here xD
so here are some gifs of Avenged Sevenfold, enjoy :P

this is just so sweet :3

from the Almost Easy video

he's so ******* talented, guys ^.^

look at syn's adorable expression :3

i laugh like zacky xD :

the great jimmy <3

jimmy is multi-talented <3

a sweet couple and then there is this cute gnome xD

aww this one is hot *.*

he's really talented, and everyone loves him, everyone misses him..

he also has angelic voices..

have i told you he's such a precious darling..

my man...

he should be immortal :/

this..i told you about how i love hot guys who sometimes act stupid xD

well i think it's enough for today..
just want you all to know that i f-cking love them foREVer
and nothing can take away my love for them <3
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2 Responses Nov 22, 2012

They're cute

thanks for the gifs omgomgomgomg