An Experience Like No Other

Before I became a huge a fan and lyrically correct on all 76 songs, I had never even thought of liking them. I started listening to them lightly in fall of 2011 when my bestfriend, who has always loved them, finally said your going to buy Waking the Fallen and your going to like it. I bought the album and when I realized this album absolutely blew me away I wanted more. Then I skipped to the self titled album and boy did I think that was a treat. Then I was introduced to City of Evil.
City of Evil was different to me at first. Then I my friend told me it was the one after waking the fallen and he just started really fully singing.
Next was the *** kicker Nightmare. As a common listener already I popped the baby in. And when God Hates Us finally went into overdrive I knew I would love this band forever.
Finally I got around to listening to sounding the seventh trumpet and diamonds in the rough. Trumpet was a unexpected treat and diamonds was great as well. Now with Carry on released and a new album on the horizon, I am ready to see them live. Music some would call them. I call them Avenged Sevenfold an Experience Like No Other.
WakingTheAvenged WakingTheAvenged
Nov 25, 2012