Avenged Sevenfold Are My F-cking Heroes, I Hope You Understand What Heroes Mean

rude people : shut the f-ck up, b!tch! how can you listen to your stupid band? it's just really stupid! you know nothing about real music! you just like them cause of their looks!

me : i fell in love with them when i heard their song in the radio, that time i didn't even know what they really looked like, i was a nerd and i knew nothing about the internet, internet was still strange to me. how can you think i just like them cause of their looks?
then i began to browse internet when i got to know it better. i listened to some of their songs. to be honest, i had never got addicted so badly to a band before it..
but avenged sevenfold is so different..
i looked up their news, stories, videos, and everything related to them..
i really am in love with them..
you may not believe me, but some other fans and i know them personally..
it's different, i have never met them in real life, but i know them..
it's like they are so close to me, they have always been there for me..
it's more than just music..
when i'm sad, when all i can do is just to cry all alone..
looking at their pics or watching their vids make me feel happy..
sometimes i even cry while watching their vids..
i'm just so happy that god created them, i'm so thankful..
when i feel like i've lost all the hopes..
they are there to remind me that i can stay strong
that i still have hopes to go on my life
to be someone i really wanna be..

i love everything...everything about them..
their songs, lyrics, their personalities..just everything about them
i know no one is perfect, but when it comes to love..
they are perfect to me cause they are the ones i've been looking for.
well, you know when someone asks you what do you wanna be when you grow up?
many people answer that they wanna be happy..
avenged sevenfold makes me happy, it means a lot..
and i love them foREVer..
i meant foREVer..foREVer..foREVer and ever.

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foREVer <3