Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen.

Living 1500 miles away from Broadway, I get most of my theater fixin's from local community troupes. The only show I've actually seen on Broadway was Godspell (last November), because it was the only one my friend and I could afford. :P

This was four years ago. It was my friend's 16th birthday, and Avenue Q was coming on tour to Atlanta. We'd all listened the hell out of that soundtrack, so seeing it live would be amazing. 

There were so many things in the show that were not on the CD (no s***, Sherlock.) I never knew about the Bad Idea Bears, I didn't know there was actual puppet sex, I didn't know Brian and Christmas Eve got married, or Mrs. Thistletwat, or pretty much anything regarding the plot itself. I was laughing myself to tears. 

What would I give to go see this show again... I found a bootlegged recording of it that I watch from time to time, but it just isn't the same as being there. Someday, when I can go to NYC again, I will go see it up there. It's off-Broadway, but it's still playing.
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Dec 7, 2012