Avalon...my Princess...

Avalon means a sanctuary for the tortured souls......I never came across a person whose name truly justifies herself like the way her name does.She is indeed a sanctuary for all the sad ,lonely and depressed people....who is always there for me whenever I am  in pain,she makes things easy ....the best thing is she deals with my problems from my point of view......I am never judged by her....only loved.

She is my Princess....wish I could make a fairy land for my Princess where she would never come across any sorrow.....NEVER.

6 months ago when I joined EP in a devastated state of mind,it was she who wiped my tears and took care of me..........for endless hours and days......the bond today we share is beyond words,truly amazing.

Avalon is many things to me,yes it might sound strange to others but I find her so versatile that I can't resist to share a many relations with her.

            Avi is my daughter .....oh...I am so proud of her.

            Avi is my friend.....we talk about anything and everything for hours...even the secrets.lol

            Avi is my hero ...... she always inspires me.

            Avi is my family....a very important part of me.

Now I am going to share a secret to the readers here....although I am the one who is supposed to take care of her but it's exactly the opposite,it's my Princess who mostly takes care of me except for one or two incident when she gave me a chance to take care of her....when she truly became a baby in my arms,I will never forget those special moments when I could show her my love for her.............which is rare,as she is a strong girl who always hides her tears behind her smiles.

She is as beautiful as a flower.

As warm as a lovely sunny day.

As caring as a mother/sister.

I wish YOU ALL THE BEST IN LIFE,AVALON!......*hugs & kisses for my sweet Princess*

I AVI....................SO VERY MUCH.





Aliva Aliva
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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Hi Damien,<br />
<br />
I got no words to tell you how happy I feel as I hear you saying...""Avalon is my life."" <br />
<br />
SHE deserves to be LOVED...... the way YOU love her!!....very beautiful.<br />
<br />
Love<br />
<br />

Hi Pamela,<br />
<br />
Avalon is truly an amazing lady...<br />
If I may:<br />
<br />
<b>Avalon is my life...</b> The one lady I would give anything to be with.<br />
<br />
I shall love her always,<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

Yes,Avi, the way Vicky says it "YOU are truly amazing"...!!<br />
<br />