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Forbidden Fruit

When I lived in Tennessee a friend of mine introduced me to avocados. She bought two of them, took them to her kitchen and sliced them in half, cutting around the huge pit. She then sprinkled salt on them and handed me a teaspoon. I followed after her and took a bite. It was wonderful. Since then I always buy at least 4 avocados whenever I go to the grocery store. I tried quacamole and I love it, expecially with taquitoes.I tried to grow an avocado from the pit but was unsuccessful. Anyone know how to do it?
TolstoiFan TolstoiFan 41-45, F 1 Response Feb 21, 2012

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put some toothpicks in it like a sweetpotatoe and put it in water until it starts then plant in soil but it can't take a freeze,so bring it in in the winter unless you are in a warm clime.

Thank you. I'll try it!

I had one about 4ft. tall in Fl. and gave it to some friends when I had to move away.