Actually I Took a Test For Col...

Actually I took a test for college to help me figure out what career I should be trying for. They said I should be a lyricist. I guess that means I should be writing words to songs.
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Nice posts. I have always been very good at rhyming with weird subjects. By the way, I recently found this site. It is awesome for anyone who wants to rhyme!

Are ya sure ya heard em right? I sent my daughter off to college and shortly after she came to visit with a rather cute but boyish looking Gf. She gave me a hug and then went in to see her Mom and what I heard was oh, no I'm not doing that young lady you tell him yourself. She came in acting uncomfortable as a 12 year old and kinda sat on the arm of my chair and her little friend was half hidden peeking around her at me. I could tell the girl was beyond nervous, frightened actually. So I determined to use my gift of humor to diffuse her discomfort as soon as possible. Catie sayz Da, I would like you to meet "My Significant other!" Mentally I almost fell out of the chair as she was georgeous and had boys after her from a early age and hadnt seemed the least interest in gewls in that manner. I smiled at her and her little friend popped out timidly to see what my reaction was going to be. I quickly hit myself in the forehead and said with semistraight face , You silly girl, I told you you would make a great Thesbian not Lesbian. laughter ensued and the ice was of course was broken.<br />
I reached around and pulled em both into my lap and teased them both as I am want to with my spoiled rotten daughters. ok,ok maybe I did just a lil of it. The weekend passed quickly and the lil gal was warm and affectionate and gave me a kiss and a hug when she left.<br />
Now for your situation, I can't for the life of me figure out what rymes with "Lyricist"! hahahahaha

That would be a cool job to have!