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Just A Sample Of My Favorite A/b Cup Breasts

Hopefully this works and others see what I see in the preview window.

Well, here goes:


Here is a timing is right b cup moment. B is nice for attention since there is just enough cleavage to draw the eye and turn the head.


But here is an A almost b cup moment in a shirt that she will not wear out in public. But then we didn't make it out on vacation alone without friends or family so that could very well be part of the issue. Perhaps as the economy recovers and we have more discretionary income we might get the escape that allows her to be comfortable wearing it in semi public.

Either way Jill is a very large part of why I prefer smaller breasts.. especially small breasts with large nipples. The proportions just make the nipples seem that much more amazing.


GeneKVT GeneKVT 46-50, M 32 Responses Nov 16, 2009

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Wow, amazing describes your lovely wife's **** perfectly. I love her nipples, just made for licking! Would you please add me?!

More than a handful's a waste!! And hers are gorgeous. But then you already know that :)

Thanks for sharing!

Amazing breasts!

very hott

PS. your wife is very hot

I agree that B cups are the absolute best...which is my wife by the way...very sexy and pert still even tho she is more mature and her hard nipples are the profile!

She is simply amazing! Would love to see more! Thanks

Once again your wife looks stunning. Would think you would not have to go on a big trip somewhere to have some sexy fun. Even a trip to a mall, stores, or even a Home Depot in another town might create the opportunity. She already has great clothes, it is just the issue of getting her to wear them, and away from people who might know you is best.

she is just hot

you are a very lucky man she has such lovely breast i can see why you enjoy them so much

You are right. Jill does have perfect breasts. My wifes are very similar, but she won't let me take pics of them. Hers are as nice after 35 years together and 4 kids as when I met her and fell in love with her boobs, then with the rest of her

You are right. Jill does have perfect breasts. My wifes are very similar, but she won't let me take pics of them. Hers are as nice after 35 years together and 4 kids as when I met her and fell in love with her boobs, then with the rest of her

Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

very nice

very nice

Those are my idea of perfect breasts. Very similar to my wifes actually. Love to see more of them.

your wife has beautiful breasts, also looks like she has a nice ***, let's be friends would love to see more of your wife!!

Very sexy **** and hmmm... such a pretty lady. Thanks for sharing ;-) dc

THANKYOU, <br />
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Tell Jill she has lovely breast and thanks for sharing them with us at least via photos. I like to say more than a mouthful is wasted. wink

Great idea,Nolaguy...Jill has wonderful boobs, Gene, and that is sexy but not slutty. When you go out of town again, I hope she wears it for you.Nice pictures, also, good work!

Gene:<br />
<br />
Don't worry. There are lots of stories in similar groups. I think EP is expanding.<br />
<br />
You're a lucky guy. For an inexpensive fun trip away from home. Come down to New Orleans one weekend. Your wife could wear that top out in the French Quarter. Start early with a sweater on, then remove the sweater as the night goes on. You guys would be so stoked!

My wife gave me a call from NO a while back, she was there on a 3 day business trip. She breathlessly exclaimed that we HAVE to take a trip there for fun. Made me wonder what caused that breathlessness as she was outside walking in the city... hmmm maybe she was trying out some fun activities.

I think the stories in this group are vanishing.

Thanks.. being married it's never every night. lol. But certainly lucky enough to be able to play on a regular basis.

She is HOT! your are a lucky guy to be able to play with those every nite

I'd be more likely to get a trip to the Grand Canyon or even Disney World or a cruise than to Vegas. But perhaps a trip to an all inclusive resort in the carribean mid If we could just afford it.

Very beautiful. She's much like my wife regarding wearing see through in public. A trip away from home - Vegas, etc., should ease her concerns into running into someone she knows. Good luck!

They do indeed look like very nice breasts. Hope to see more of them!

Ys but will they be as nice after 20 + years. I can certainly say yes in the case of my favorite breasts. As nice now as when I first uncovered them so long ago.

Small breasts are as fun to wathc as large ones...... but I'll stick with my girlfriends 38D's. You can **** 'em!<br />

i also feel the same way about my wifes breasts, good to know i´m not alone!!