Yes Master...!!!!!

I didn't plan it this way but it happened and now I am owned, collard and under protection by a Master. It was I who brought up the subject and it is now I who is living the consequences of this lifestyle. It is cruel, ugly, dark, humiliating, scary but it is also incredibly sexy, lively, pleasurable, satisfying and addicting. I live in ecstasy everyday as I am stretched, molded and pushed to my limits. You find a lot about who you are in those dark crevasses you let no one see except your Master. Absolutely delicious being a slave.
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yeah, i was raped at a young age and I'm sure in a freudian way that is contributing to my kink...but this is both consensual adults at play-(and its not roleplay for your information! we live it 24/7 and take it very serious) and if i didn't enjoy it, trust me I'm such a dominating force in the rest of my life, I'd have no problem getting out of it as its in my contract. I have the power to leave anytime, I negotiated my hard and soft limits and have a safe word. It gives me pleasure to serve him and vice versa. Some of us need this type of relationship to feel whole. I have always wanted a master and he has always wanted to have a slave/sub. We (married couple) get a deeper love,intimacy,loyalty and bond then the whole rest of our vanilla marriage and dating life combined. Until you ave tried it, don't knock is all I am saying. I know some on here will think I am bat-**** crazy and that is fine, not all of us have this kind of peculiar tastes. For those people I say, "to each their own, I hope your satisfied with your relationship, as for my Master and I...this is what makes both of us happy and satisifed."

Well as long as it's roleplay to whatever extent, let someone you don't trust, or doesn't care for you, or someone you just plain don't want to have it done to you from, do it and it can get scary real quick.. With no positive sexual subtext added :( <br />
Just saying that it's a big odd that reading this after the "I was raped one". Hope you really are safe, and can be free to do other non sexual stuff, hobbies and work etc, as you like. <br />
And that you don't think that you should be an ob<x>ject or somesuch o.O. Treated like one for sex, and then treated like one outside of sex, are too different things. I dunno, it just seems that bdsm can have baad vibes if done wrong. <br />
I know my approval doesn't matter, I don't mean to judge, sry if you thought I did