Yes, Sir...

My relationship with my husband is secret. I don't think people would understand. I love that flicker of fire in his eyes when he has control. I know he would never harm me, there is a difference. He looks after me, takes care of me, he owns me. I'm his submissive. But by my choice. I trust him, I love him.

I love my restraints and blindfolds. I love not knowing what will come next. I'm told not to move or to fight. But my body acts against me. I feel the sweet sting of the whip as it snaps against the flesh on my upper thigh. I try to do as I am told, but I'm high on such arousal. I beg in my head for the whip again. I love the smell, sound, and feel of it. I love the pain. Its like an electrical release of euphoria.

We release together. At the end I lay in his arms as he tenderly rubs my sore flesh with lotion. He tends to my needs. Then he whispers "I love you" in my ear. I love my relationship with my husband, and I love BDSM.
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You are a lucky woman to have such a good relationship

you have one very lucky husband......

Getting someone who loves you enough to do such things for you to please you, and also enjoys doing it, is a fantasy to some. Good that it's the real deal for you.