I Love Them

I love babies so much they make me smile and they brighten up your life they are amazing little bundles of joy and just wonderful creatures put on this planet to be loved and love. Im 18 years old and i want ten children lol thats not a joke, im not having that many because the man im with does not want that many so i think we are going to have 4 or 5 and im just fine with that :)! I have twelve nieces and nephews and i have a great niece and a great nephew and i have a bunch of little cousins i love taking care of them and playing their little imaginative games and watching their little minds run wild with imagination it is so wonderful i am not that imaginative anymore and its fun to feel like a young kid again while hanging out with them. some of my nieces and nephews are the same age as me or older but the majority of them are younger. My family is very nurturing and im very happy to be apart of such an amazing family and be related to such wonderful people. Kids are so great they grow into such amazing people in their own ways.

marinesbabi24 marinesbabi24
18-21, F
Apr 29, 2010