I Want One!

I saw the first caesarean surgery today behind a glass door, and it was great! It is a funny coincidence because i just watched Winner and Losers yesterday night and Bec was having a baby on the story!
The baby was so cute, she was trying to peek at her dad but probably blinded by the light because she kept blinking.
I cannot wait to have my own, and have him/her sleep with me in my bed :)
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Children are the greatest on earth because they are just young, small, pure and innocent -- until this world of messed up adults being peers or parents manages to mess up their young growing minds through a totally improper lead for them all to follow. Being where I am in a somewhat rural area in the Philippines, all I see is children, children and more children of all ages walking to the many small schools and just playing with their friends only to see their written destiny never before taught by their moms and dads, never taught through any religion on this earth, never taught in any form of education and just never any actual truth placed into their small growing minds --- and what's coming upon them all according to God only gives me heart break because history as God witnessed cannot be changed.
"My eyes are blind with tears, my stomach in a knot.
My insides have turned to jelly over my people’s fate.
Babies and children are fainting all over the place,

Calling to their mothers, “I’m hungry! I’m thirsty!”
then fainting like dying soldiers in the streets,
breathing their last in their mothers’ laps. Lamentations 2:11-12

"Therefore I will make the heavens tremble; and the [a]earth shall be shaken out of its place at the wrath of the Lord of hosts in the day of His fierce anger.

And like the chased roe or gazelle, and like sheep that no man gathers, each [foreign resident] will turn to his own people, and each will flee to his own land.

Everyone who is found will be thrust through, and everyone who is connected with the slain and is caught will fall by the sword.

Their infants also will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be plundered and their wives ravished. Isaiah 13:13-16

In this day and these times we all live in, its more of a blessing not to bring a child into this falling society with zero knowledge or understanding of their own destiny.