What Was That?

I remember my last dream: there was a 8 month baby who was laying on my lap and was too tired and wanted to sleep. Maybe it is because yeatserday I spoke with my collegue, who have a 10 month baby and he told me how cute and funny and kind is he. So all day long there was thoughts about lovely babies on my mind. Why do some people feel sad and fair when they got pregnant? Why? Lately I begin to fear for fact that maybe I will not have any kids, because it is beleived that if person want something too bad it might never be happened, I don`t know. I want my own baby so much, but I pretend to not wanting to get married while speaking that subject with my mom over the tea. Uhh!
The baby from my dream was a bit ugly I mean not as cute as I dream about to have. He was average looking, but I want him or her be very very cute and have a clever eyes and lovely smoth hair hehe. So my dream was lovely in general.
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Jan 21, 2013