I miss my daughter... Wish I was at home being a proper dad. 😕
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Hi Dirami, it's long story, but I've recently just separated from my wife.

Thought I'd never leave my daughter but I guess it's for the best. It's only been a week - but feels like a lifetime.

She's two now and they change so much so quickly - I really don't want to miss all those little milestones.

I can just about see your daughter on your profile pic - she looks gorgeous - you must be very proud. She looks so happy - the little rascal. 😊

Sorry to hear you're going through a similar thing on the opposite side of the spectrum.

It's heart breaking - but I guess it'll make us stronger in the long run. The important thing is looking after the little one - raising them to have the best life they can.

Keep your chin up, you look like a great mum.

You're right, it will make us stronger. But it is such a tough thing to go through.
So sorry you're going through that. I hope things will get better with your wife, so you can at least be a part of your daughter's life or she can keep you updated on everything she is learning and doing.
Thank you for the compliments. I love being a mom. I didn't think I'd have to do any of this on my own (somewhat), but I love spending every minute with her when I'm not working. She is what keeps me going during the tough days.

Why aren't you home?