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My Baby!

Never been happier! Just found out that I will soon be having a baby!

goldenmoments goldenmoments 26-30 8 Responses Mar 31, 2010

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I can honestly say that having children was the single most awesome thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Nothing can ever top it. Enjoy and savor every minute of it !

Congrats hunny. I just had my first appointment today and am due November 7, 2010! Is this your first? This will be my first, do you want to find out what you're having? Wishing all the beat in everything, so happy for you;-D Xo~sugar~Xo

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! its an honest blessing, and i'm sure you will love it! i don't know you, but i am so happy for you!

Congratulations! Good health and happiness to both you and your baby!

How exciting! Congrats!

Congratulations! :)<br />
I LOVE babies. I have a cousin who's first birthday is on April third, and he just came to my city!!!! I'm gonna see him tomorrowwwwww :D :D :D :D<br />
May your baby prove to be a blessing for you in your life. :)

Congratulations! Enjoy this wonderful stage of your life!

Congratulations! Enjoy this wonderful stage of your life!