Baby Doll Pyjamas.

When I was sixteen I bought my own Baby Doll PJ's in shocking pink, they were made of a satin material and were really lovely to wear as the material of the nightie part rubbed on the pants.
I was excited in bed for weeks with the simple pleasures of Baby Doll PJ's
I no longer wear that style as I prefer full length silky nighties with small sleeves.
timothysknickers timothysknickers
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Granny knows you are just the cutest in either one and hopes you wear your silky panties and bra under your pretty full length silky nighties..

I always wear silky knickers.

I had a baby doll nightie when I was about 17, very nice as I liked the little silk shorts that were part of the ensemble. Sexy