Slippery Wet Plastic Pants

ilove babypants, especially when filled with precum or ***,ive been sitting here for quitesome time reading stories on ep,now im so wet i can hardly stand plastic panties are my favorite but i cant seem to get any, thenxt best thing is a nice white pair that look like gerbers, i cun just thinking about putting them that im all wet i may just cun then crawl in bed for the night and enjoy the slippery feeling, i just rubbing ever soo slowly which adds just a little more precum every so often, oooooh my god the feeling is soo good i cant hardly hold back much longer. mmmm maybe i more story to finish me off. oooh thats sooo nice
plasticpants01 plasticpants01
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

oooh yes i certainly will

I love the all-night stuff, too... Wish I could package and sell it!

I have no doubt that even those that never wore a pair of plastic pants in their adult lives would fall head over heels for all-nighters in plastic panties, if they ever gave it a try... It actually takes all of the sex-drive out of me for a day or two, it's that powerful...

Definately worth losing some sleep over!

Go for it bud i'm doing too
i'm wearing clear ones and I'm