Baby Pants

i have had a turn on scins i wos young lad. i uest 2 go out at nhite 2 stell rubbers off washin lines and go 2 bed with them thay go nice & soft when thay r worm mmmmm but ther is only sertan 1ns i like not t crinkly 1ns. x

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Hi i love those baby plastic panties that you are wearing. Yes lovely lace frilly panties feel good, i do indeed love mine, in i could not live without them. let's be friends and share Bruce.

You are not alone, I also used to go out on the prowl at night looking for Plastic Baby Pants to pinch form washing lines to satisfy my craving, was a little bit too embarassed to go and buy them. I'd take them home and wear them to bed.<br />
Plastic Baby.

Love my plastic pants too! Thankfully, I don't have to steal them since I get to wear plastic pants every night for being a bedwetter. But one thing is for sure, even if I stop wetting the bed, I won't give up my plastic pants.

Wow, me too !!<br />
Use to get them from any where that I could and get away with it.