So Very Tempting

When I was 15 I stopped eating any pork at all, because I was intent on talking my parents into getting a "house pig". I thought it would not make sense to eat what would one day be my pet. That never worked out, unfortunately. Though I continued to not eat any kind of pork for almost 5 years...and was eventually broken by the deliciousness that is bacon. Bacon broke my resolve!

Pigs are so adorable...but bacon is so tasty. I may have to solve this problem by going to turkey bacon...since turkeys have always kind of freaked me out. Hmmmm.....
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I really wish science would just get on with it already and figure out how to clone the already dead meat, and for it to be just as tasty! I've heard they are working on it...

NicoleHeart - i feel ya when it comes to the piggies. tiny potbellied piggies are pure adorable and i can understand you not wanting to harm a tiny hair on their chinny chin chin. I couldn't either. I solve this problem by not getting anywhere near live piggies. The pig is a most incredibly amazing animal that provides such a wide range of eating pleasure. The ham hock. They serve ham hock at street stalls in Germany. I know right? You walk up and they have this magnificent neanderthal sized piece of meat that would make Fred Flintstone drool. They wrap it in foil and it stays hot and good. .You just gnaw it off the bone like a carnivorous savage .. hahahahahaha. It may not be a pretty picture (unless we all lived in medieval England.. move over pretty brits, here we come!!!) but it sure tastes absolutely amazing. Well hell, you know Germans can cook some damned fine food anyway. <br />
Ok so continuing on to the rest of my pig rapture thoughts. Ham, boiled, sliced thin, in honey or smoked variety of flavors on sub sandwiches or rolled up all fancy with cheese on a platter.. some fast food heaven. <br />
Who has not woken up in the morning and your lover is in the kitchen coooooking a batch of bacon, beckoning you with that wonnnnderful smell until you rise .. zombie like. and follow that scent.. trying to steal a piece, give him a kiss and then worry about are you decent and should you brush your teeth before breakfast ..ahahhahaaaa<br />
Then around the holidays a lot of people get a honey glazed with cloves, spiral ham. That is also very delicious and makes you have to get mashed potatoes and gravy to go with it hot out of the oven .. oh my.. <br />
Nawwww no turkey bacon please. Besides i heard on tv that reg. bacon is just fine and there is no need to turn to turkey bacon because you think it is more healthy. As they say, everything in moderation and because it just plain tastes better. <br />
Then there are pig knuckles. I know it sounds utterly disgusting. My Italian/American father, when we would go to the hot dog place, there was this huge glass jar of pig knuckles. They are marinated in this strong vinegar type sauce. I was a little tiny kid so of course i would try anything daddy was eating usually. If ya didn't think about it, it just tasted like vinegarry meat. No big deal. Now that i am an adult and do think about what i'm eating i don't thing i would ever eat them again. Also pig parts that i would not usually eat in grocery store cases, like ears and tripe, stomachs. ewwwwwwww.. goodnesss.. i might gag. I most certainly could not eat those parts. An Italian friend of mine said her grandma used to put the pig ears in her tomato sauce and cook em .. ewwwwwww agan .. hahahahaha. I would put a big ole chunk of ham into the tomato sauce to flavor it, that is ok, with capers and tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, green peppers, onions, garlic cloves, basil, oregano. Cook a huge pot on low for around 3 hours.. that is some fine tomato sauce :) Maybe add a little salt, pepper and sugar to taste. <br />
Ok just had to go on and on about the divine miss piggy. I'll shut up now while you all go to the kitchen and start your can openers to begin the sauce cookin .. hahahahaha. xox mmmmmm bacon the dog says, i'd get it but i don't have thumbs ...hahahahah love that commercial for beggin strips. .<br />
p.s. turkeys freak me out too .. lololol .. xox

I just think of it as a fair trade off. We feed them and let them wallow and enjoy life, with no working or stress, for a couple years. Then they turn into bacon for us! <br />
<br />
^_^ sounds fair to me. Because bacon is just too delicious! I could never be a vegetarian cause a life without bacon is a life without meaning.

I've heard of this strange thing called Turkey Bacon but I have also heard it is rubbish compared to real bacon. Stick with the real thing.