Lmfao Bacon Experience

Omg. It 10:17 pm. I was just telling my son " you know what I'm in the mood for??? ....some good ol bacon." Lol anyway he went and got the package of bacon so I could open it for him. He's still has a hard time opening the packages. Anyway I was looking around and accidently found I love bacon group on EP. Lol so here it is 10:22 at night and were frying up some bacon and making some jalopeno bacan poppers. Lol

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Now i am getting hungry

Lol try the bacon it's delisious.

lol great story i love bacon to,bacon sandwhiches are the best

I can go without bacon for months, but if I smell it frying I simply can't resist!

I've been know to have late night bacon feast.. ;-)

it has to be made by someone else...it is so much better yum yum x

Well my boy is only 8. Je can cook but don't want him to start frying yet. Do to greater kitcjen fire with frying.

He made the poppers though lol

great..... look after him lol

try bacon and pork wrapped, or see what a eggplant and bacon taste like,as well as seeing what bacon and tomato taste like

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