Mmmmmm!!!!!! Bacon!!!!!!!!!!

If I had to pick one food to live on the rest of my life, I would probably pick bacon....I just absolutely love it!!!!!  My favorite sandwich is a BLT, and sometimes, I just have bacon to's sooo delicious!!!!!!


Penny Webb

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I learned one thing about Bacon....... If you raise Durock Hogs, keep in mind, they will eat Humans. So, don't ever wish you were on a Desert Island with Durock Bacon.

Has anyone had to go "Cold Turkey" when they ran out of Bacon?

All but the Miracle whip...ugh....!! Something bout it just grosses me out....dunno why!<br />
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Thanks for reading and the comment!

I agree with you, if i had to choose one food to eat the rest of my life, it would definitely be bacon!!!! It's so delicious!

I love bacon too! Looks like you can buy all kind of bacon related goods... just about anywhere. Here's a list of some pretty good ones.<br />
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bacon t-shirts & Accessories<br />
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I had to get rid of my "Bacon "T" Shirt", It kept leaking Grease on me.

This Bacon Talk is making me Crazy. I need to Cure out several Pork Bellies to take with me, next Winter. Just think; BBQ'd Pork Ribs for Dinner, and Bacon for Breakfast!!! I'll be able to chop wood all day. I hope my body doesn't smoke with all that Pork Fat in it. I'll take along some Cholestrol Strips, to keep track of it.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Love ya, baby!!!!

oh go watch Jim Gaffigan and calm down... ;p

I beg your pardon, KM..I eat bacon a good ******* deal of the time..ask Tiger if I roll...LOLOL!!

Unfortunately if you only ate bacon for the rest of your life you would be rolling from place to place... :)<br />
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"you know bacon is bad when´╗┐ a healthier choice is a doughnut " <br />
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BTW I love Jim Gaffigan, he does a hilarious routine about bacon... <br />
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as long as it's not apple smoked....ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!! LOL!!

I like to Smoke BAcon, with Cherry Chips, and Rubbed with Brown Sugar, or Maple Syrup.

this is exactly what stands between vegans and me. i would never be able to say"oh, i dont eat bacon,none for me..." that and a med rare steak hot off a

Mmmmhhmmm!!! Me, too,CJ!!!!! I know that some people swear by the thick cut bacon, but my heart belongs to very thin, lots of fat, crisply fried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Penny Webb :-)

Makes me hungry..........mmmmmmmmm