Hi, My Name Is [.....] And I'm A Bacon Addict...

Dear Bacon,

You are the love of my life, I thought I should tell you that before I proceed.  In fact, if I could make a women out of bacon, and name her Swindy, she would most likely end up my wife....but now, things are different, or are they?

Now on most days I can deal with my addiction pretty well.  Usually this means having bacon once a day, for breakfast or maybe in a burgar or sandwich at lunch.  However, for some strange reason today was different.  I had bacon at least 5 times today, if my count is correct (brain is suffereing from bacon overload so please forgive me).  Breakfast rolled around, and as usual I had bacon.  Got into work, and for a snack I noticed one of my coworkers left some salad bacon bits in the fridge, round 2.  Lunch rules around, guess what day it is? Bacon cheese burger time! As closing time approches, we get a knock on our door, the company across the hall is having some kind of party (guess they won something?), and at this party they had bacon covered scallops...I had to endulge. After spending a few hours loading up on free booze, I decided it was time to head home.  A bit typsy, I walk into my apartment, take a quick look into the fridge and low and behold the only thing I have left is a bacon wrapped pork chop...

So I ask you, is there such thing as too much bacon in one day?  As far as I can tell my arteries are ok, but I'm wondering if I'm taking this bacon thing a bit too far? Or is that blasphamous for me to ask?

claytyclay claytyclay
22-25, M
Mar 4, 2010