Bad Boys Are So Fuccen Hott

I feel an incredible sexual attraction for bad boys and when I refer to bad boys I don't mean like dirty guys with weird fetishes. I mean those guys who don't give a fucc about anything with piercings and tattoos. Like to do illegal things every once in a while. Those guys who aren't afraid to grab you and kiss you really rough and passionately. With really messy hair and like to ride motorcycles. Those are my type of bad boys haha
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god! i know...

I dated a 'bad boy' once...and he was the most idiotic airhead ever. lol. I'm glad you realize that bad boys are play toys and good guys are for keeps. lol. ;)

The saying is that bad boys reel them in, but nice guys keep them in.<br />
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Putting myself in a neutral situation, girls often get more thrills with bad guys because there's more of a feeling of excitement and adventure, not to be afraid to try stuff out, freedom. Bad guys help them escape, break away from the mundane pattern they're currently in.<br />
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Technically, nice guys could still supply that, it's just most nice guys are commonly too timid and passive to meet the expectations that woman see in bad guys. They follow the rules, they don't make their own.<br />
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The nature of the bad guys make them stand out from other competition, because they can offer a girl something that the others can't, adventure. However, in the long run, they're an awful choice.<br />
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You need someone who has the passion, strength, and attitude of a bad guy, but who's caring and protective too and won't turn out to be a sociopathic woman/child beater. That way, you get best of both worlds.<br />
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... that's what I think anyway.

Yeah I want some tattoos too. I plan on getting my first one hopefully tomorrow after I get payed :D My friend's a tattoo artist and he's doing it for me. I want to get it before I leave back to school. One day I hope to get on the back of some guy's motorcycle and ride away to who knows where. <br />
lmao guess so haha what's your weird fetish Mr.If I'm high I'll even grab your boob?

eeehh i'm not to much into them... and i got a phobia of needles but i got a story with some pics of ones i would like to get ;) and i'll tach ya its not as hard as it seems once you get used to it

get some! lol tattoos are hott ;) hehe motorcycles are awesome! I want one so badly. I wish I knew how to drive them :/

*makes note to start being even more badass* crap wait i don't have any tattoos or piercings ... i got a motorcycle though ;)