Comfortable In Stormy Weather


My soul smiles when the weather environment is cool to cold, dark and stormy. I love the juxtaposition of dark and dangerous weather and my contentment in a cozy save environment of my making.

This not hypocrisy, rather it is the satisfaction that comes with meeting Mother Nature’s challenge to evolve. 

  One of my first memories is being left alone at night while my mother worked the grave yard shift. I was scared and lost at first but then convinced myself that the creatures that went bump in the night had best fear me. 

  One of my favorite memories as an adult is the time a heavy snow storm came to Indian Hills outside Denver. The largest snowflakes I have ever seen were being blown by a shifting wind. 3pm was as dark as midnight.  

 I and my girlfriend were in my new outdoor hot tub with our heads mere inches above the water. Our hair was white and frozen while our bodies were red from the hot water. We were sipping hot rum and gently caressing each others nude bodies.

Later we went inside and survived under thick down comforters.         

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
6 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Well, DD, as a matter of fact I HAVE tried it! Giggle.

"The hot tub scenario sounds lovely!" NANSELTAR you should try it. It is the best of both words. You are in a<br />
safe environment of warmth and protection, yet you are in the storm! Usually no lightening in a snow storm-usually...DD

I love violent windy thunder storms. As you say, DD, I love seeing a storm from the safe environment of warmth and protection. The sound-and-light show are specacular. It's lovely. Sometimes I deliberately go out in storms, to soak up the energy. But not if the lightening is close by! My father and grandfather were struck by lightening twice (and survived) and I have twice been in vehicles struck by lightening. I once watched a brilliant sphere of ball lightening hurtle down my driveway and hit the house I was standing in! So while my genes seem to attract lightening, I do have a healthy respect for it and try to avoid it!<br />
<br />
The hot tub scenario sounds lovely!

We are almost soul mates. two bad I am 65 and married but I will bet there is a lot of guys byour age that think like we do...DD

(Nude+ hot tub+hot rum) X snow storm= erotic!<br />
WinterMountain, I agree-that does add up<br />
<br />
lilycue, it is to love AND good for the crops...DD

Oooh that sounds erotic!<br />
<br />
I love stormy weather!! I love the rain.......pouring down in sheets with lightening and thunder crashing in the sky!<br />
<br />
Or a soft spring rain that makes me feel whimsical and romantic..........*sigh*