I don't love them, but i probably eat one close to each day.

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Well i knew it was with swordfish but i wasn't sure about tuna. It is one of the biggest food sources we have so they are doing what they can to find out. Still who knows right? <br />
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sure eat a gold fish!

Maybe I could eat goldfish...<br />
<br />
I know there's issues with dolphins and tuna, but maybe it's the same with swordfish

I dunno it could be like global warming. People say we cause it people say we dont. Who do you believe? and as far as i know it is only tuna and sword fish they are really watching out for. The other fishes seem to be fine.

Oh crap..........ah well, guess I'll stop eating that now too

Yeah i am not sure what it is but fish are getting something in their body that makes it harmful for us to eat.

Really? We still get it over here, but I don't have it often. The first time I had it was in Portugal, it was good

Yeah sword fish is one of my favorites, but they stopped selling it because of the problems with them .

It's texture it is quite meaty. I haven't had it in a while. I like swordfish too

I only had one once in my life. It was good but i forget what it taste like...

Yeah, that would be nice, I love tuna steak.

Well you could have a fillet of tuna and a potato as a side dish. That is pretty normal.

Yeah, cos that would kind of be wasted on a potato

I am not a fan of tuna. I assume you mean from a can and not a fillet of tuna.

Onion, bacon and tuna?

Well when it has both onion and bacon in it!

Gives it a little something doesn't it

i agree about the onion.

It's nice. Sometimes with a little spring onion thrown in if Im feeling adventurous. Who knows where my mood will take me

Sounds a little weird..

I love it with a little butter, tuna and loads of cheese

nope no cheese.

mmm bacon, no cheese?

Just butter i don't add anything else to it. Maybe bacon sometimes.

Wow, that's a lot.<br />
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What do you have with them?

i drink a protein shake in the morning. use chocolate milk for it 8 ounces everyday.<br />
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Rice has more carbs in it and cant eat as much.

And where is your dairy at, huh? :P<br />
I prefer rice over potatoes though.

Well it is all part of a healthy balanced meal. For dinner i have a small amount of meat for protein. Potato for rice for carbs, along with a small piece of bread, and a salad along with other vegetables. A potato has carbs in it but very few so it is okay to eat them in a big amount to get full on.

Why do you eat them almost every day?