Why I Love Bali

I love Bali. It's a beautiful island. With very friendly people. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful art. And a beautiful tradition.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Me too, I went there recently and cannot wait to go back. I currently live in another Asian country and love Paris where I am soon moving but Bali singularly and instantly felt like home. All of it. After a recent trip to Singapore I made a new friend who now lives in Bali. Now there is an idea. I loved my peaceful retreat in Seririt, Singaraja, up North. What a wonderful island. I could happily live there in an autarky with the local vanilla, chocolate, vegetables, tofu, fruit and wine. Thanks for bringing back really happy and wonderful memories and a deep wish to go back soon.

Ah, Bali. I just came back from there and I think it might be my new favorite place in the world (watch out, New Orleans ). The people are humble and friendly, the lifestyle is relaxed, the rice fields are beautiful. I stayed in Ubud and the place oozes creativity. It seems as if everyone there is an artist in his or her own way. Maybe I'll go back there and teach English for a while.

I adore Bali and get over there as often as possible , my whole family does . My mum bought a home there so it's great . It's probably my favourite place on earth .<br />
The people are great and they remember you from year to year . <br />
I've often considered moving there and one day hope too .<br />
It's had a bad wrap over the years but my kids go and we feel completely safe .<br />
In fact I'm picturing myself there right now :)

stay away from the night clubs...