I Won For Weewon Or Mine Is A Bigwon

Ok weewon, this is for you. I expect you to invite me for a meal but first we meet for a few drinks at a bar. We drink a few beers and as we do we look at pictures of you and your wife on your smart phone. When I see pictures of your wife on your phone I laugh and tell you I want to **** her. I show her pictures to the barman and tell him she is your wife and that I'm going to **** her for you. I tell him that I am going to show your wife what a man's **** looks like and a real man uses a big **** to **** a real *****. He takes your phone and passes it round the bar telling all men and women how I am going to cuckold you and how. They all point and sniggering laughing at you.

I let them taunt you and get a pretty young girl to kick you in your balls. I make you show her your tiny **** "that's why his wife will want to **** you babe" and laughs at you. When I get too randy and horny thinking of ******* your wife I order you to take me to your wife. Then as we arrive at your home I tell that I'm going to **** her. She gets wet and excited as she listens to me especially when I tell her about the girl in the bar kicking you in your balls and enjoyed it. I get her to slap, punch and kick you in your balls. She loves hurting you do much. Her face flushes red, her eyes glazed with joy and her mouth twitches and trembled as she pants and gasps with pleasure as she kicks you hard in your balls. I then **** her as you watch and ****.

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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Wow nice friend! Your wife must be pleased.