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I Love Mens Balls

I love mens ball my ex boyfriend even letted me act out on it in our relationship he let me strech thm to make them longer and bigger. once they were bigger i start slapping , kicking ,squezzing , pulling , punching, and twisiting. i found it to be the most fun when we where out with friend and i would sneek my hand into his pants and start the pain just for his face to get all hot and red . then to feel his **** getting bigger in my hand but at the same time knowing he want to scream. the best part hearing the lame lies he gave to his friends saying he has a very bad cramp
72inchbigbootymami 72inchbigbootymami 22-25, F 44 Responses Jun 4, 2011

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if you ever want another boyfriend, my nuts and I are available for you.

Hot! You are one mean lady!

My gf beats my balls regularly. Kicks, sneezes punches an knees. Makes me scream and moan.

i have got a female friend who does the same sort of things would you be able 2 do this with me 2 as well?

This story reminds me of the time that my husband and I went to a wedding of a friend about 2 years after we were married.
We had a row shortly before going, and we were sat down at a large table with dozens of people around us having the post-ceremony meal when he made a nasty comment about me. I didn't react, but a couple of minutes later I started to run my hand up the inside of his leg, ever so slowly. Of course, he thought I was making up and flirting with him. When I reached his balls I trapped one in my hand and held it firmly. No-one around us could tell that I had done this as we were all cramped together and the table ledge was quite high. I carried on talking with our friends quite normally and involved him in the conversation, but slowly started to squeeze his testicle over a period of 10 to 20 minutes. It was hilarious watching him make excuses for his pained expressions and little whimpering noises while trying to talk, claiming toothache as the reason! Eventually my hand started to hurt and I had to release him, at which point he jumped up and rushed out to the toilets with a very strange walk. I told my friends what had happened and when he eventually returned they teased hem mercilessly for the rest of the evening.
It couldn't have damaged him too much though; I was so turned on by doing this that we had the best sex ever that night!

That was great! Lucky you, and lucky man! I have my idea why he rushed to the bathroom...

one time at a bar, a student friend told about what she would do if you was followed by a guy in the main parking in the campus. It is a large multistory, dark parking. She said " I would kick him straight in the balls! I mean, that the first thing I would think of? Not you?" her friend laughed and relply that she would not dare... I was a bit drunk already, and it turned me on so much I had to rush rush to the bathroom too, and give myself a couple of slappings...

would you be able 2 do this with me 2 as well?

Hey anyone wanna bust mine ;)

Man I will be dreaming tonight. Thanks for sharing.

Awsome story . So sexy please add me

I walked up to my step dad and acted like I was going to jerk my knee up and he bent and moved away. I said where are you going? He said I thought you were going to knee my balls, I said nope just showing you who the boss is. He came up to me and laughed and then I kneed him hard. I really want to rupture him completely so he will go away, ha ha. My mom has begged me to stop kneeing his testicles, but I won't. I always give him a real hard shot after he does me, my mom does not know he does this. I like to get him just before or as he comes then I know he won't pull away while I do it because he has to finish. There is no way his balls could work right.

just hope i have a daughter like u ...

I hope my future girlfriend or wife is like you...

i want you 2 do all of this with my nuts 2 as well

I wanted to see if little boys are tender there too so I got a chance to bounce the toe of my shoe off of my nephews balls when he was messing with me. He looked at me with total surprise and grabbed his crotch and immediately curled up on the floor at my feet. I said to myself, yep little balls are tender too. He finally got up and staggered off holding his belly. I told him to protect his nuts next time. This stud at a high school was supposedly blessed with big stuff as I was told by another guy. I managed to fool around with him in gym class and snuck a kick in and he dramatically went down and stayed there for a long time. Boy was he hurt. Later I said I was sorry and asked him if he could let me massage his balls, he said ok. I took him to my house before my parents got home. He stood in front of me and I unbuckled his pants and lowered them and this huge thing (soft) and gigantic balls hung in my face. I picked up a ball in each hand and rolled them around, they were so full and round. He got hard and it stuck straight towards me and I put it in my mouth, I sucked on it feverishly and after about 3 minutes he blasted stuff into my mouth, I gulped it down, it was so much I just about gagged. After he was done I gently sucked on each testicle for a long time. He loved it and said the kick was worth all this !!! I said ha ha. After about 10 minutes it got hard again and I bent over and let him push it in, it was so big and he pumped me so hard and came again and I did repeatedly because his big balls kept swinging up and hitting me in the clitoris so hard, it drove me wild. Those big balls kept producing stuff every 15 minutes or so and I got pumped over and over for hours. He finally said his balls hurt from coming so much and I said, I win. He left and the next day he said his balls still hurt from it. I told him that if I knew he was so big and nice I would have never kicked him to find out if big balls could take more of a kick or not.

very hot story

will you squeeze my balls?

I saw my step father bend over yesterday to do some work under the sink. When he was just right i snap kicked his balls from behind. He curled up and could not move and said you sneaky little turd. I laughed and then did like i usually do, rubbed his belly and balls until he could move then he did me doggie style in the kitchen. It felt so good and he groaned each time his balls swung up to hit me (which i crave), it was so funny to see him slow down because of the ball pain and tenderness. Just as he got off I reached back and gave them a hard squeeze. He shot it out then doubled over for about 15 minutes. I went outside to do other things and laughed at him, ha ha.

LOL funny story....step dad doing you doggie style

Can u kick my balls? As hard as u can? I can meet up with u, and if I don't fall to the floor on ur first kick, I'll let u kick, knee, squeeze, punch, my balls until I do? Please?


That is great.

Bare Hugs

I had a gf that used to make me get on my hands and knees and kick me from be hide with her pointed pumps, what great sex after, I miss the lady.

i kicked this boy in the 3rd grade to see what would happen and he was paralyzed and wiggled around in agony. I had pointed shoes on, i barely kicked him and he was down. The nurse said don't kick testicles they boys are unable to protect them. I said i know i have seen my brothers before but wanted to see if its true how tender they are. she said well what do you think? I said yes they are tender and boys can't do anything abou it, she said ha ha

its fun to see a guy respond to a knee, it makes me feel strong. Its really not fair for guys because they are so vulnerable there. Its cool that they cannot protect themselves in any way and all i have to do is hit, knee or kick them. I learned that if i get close and jerk my knee up they never have time to move they just sink to the floor in agony. The testicles are so tender, wow.

I acted real friendly with my step brothers friend this last weekend and then jerked my knee up and decked him. He as gasping for air. I was laughing and realized that i really got him good. It was weird i felt his sac and only one ball was in it. I managed to push the other ball into the sac and it swelled up some. He said i got him good. When he could finally move some I sat on him and he did it real slow because his ball was so tender. He said it felt real good though, his balls still worked fine !!!

Can u kick my balls as hard as u can? I've always wanted to see how it felt for myself

I was sitting in the sun with my brother and his friends and they let their balls hang out of their swim suits to be funny, they knew i loved to hit them there. So I was amazed at how big they were, I was 8. I asked them if I could feel them and they all said yes of course. I felt and rubbed each ones balls for a long time then I asked them to let me see their other thing. I was so shocked when they pulled them out and excited (huge). I asked them if I could see each one in the tree house one at a time, they said ok. I went into the tree house and the first guy came up and I played with him a lot then he let me get his stuff to shoot out, it got all over me, yuck. Then the last one to come up was my step brother, I got a ball in each hand and surprised him by squeezing as hard as I could and jerked on them. He yelled and curled up and stayed up there for 20 minutes or so while I went down and played around with his friends. He did not have as much fun as the other two guys ha ha.

I was wrestling around with my step brother after he got out of the shower, he had a towel on. I was about 8. He was 14. His towel came loose and he curled up to hide his stuff and i saw a big ball squeezed out between his legs (from behind). He did not know that a ball was exposed. I punched it real hard and he jerked and curled tight, its funny because the ball was still there so I punched it again and he yelled and finally pulled it up front. He was hurting so bad and was red in the face. I rubbed between his legs from behind and he finally opened them some and I reached in and rubbed his balls for him. It was easy to tell which ball i punched because it was super tender. I learned how to rub my fingers in a small circle up and down his abdomin to help the pain and work my way down to his testicles. I was amazed at how many times I kicked and hit him there and his balls were fine.

when i was 13 these boys about 8 were wrestling with me and they started getting rough so i kicked two of them real quick and they curled up for a long time, it was so funny. They were embarrassed that they could not move. Their friends laughed at them. I did not kick them hard because i know that their balls were little but it worked just the same. I helped them out by sitting and rubbing their poor little tummies.

prob 1st hit for em painful

when the guy has big low hanging balls there are a lot of different ways put a lot of pain in his nuts. If the guys sac is shriveled up and tight his balls are held in place for accurate punching, kicking ,and kneeing but it's much harder to grab and twist his sac, and squeeze his nuts. It's easier to hurt the big low hanging balls.

i messed around with the guy that was about 50 when I was swimming in his pool one day and it led to a bunch of good times with him. He loved my body and kissed me all over with such passion and drove me wild. But i pulled his trunks down and saw the nicest stuff i have ever seen. His balls were so big and hung down very low and I loved to bounce them in my hand and feel them swing up to hit me when i was in the doggie position, ha ha. I know that it hurt him a lot because sometimes he was forced to slow down and recover before continuing. He said it felt like a belly cramp on both sides???? I swear they hung down about 6 or 7 inches and one was lower than the other one and heavy !! They would swing up and hit my lower belly when he was behind me. I used to think man this guy would be easy to take out if he was attacking me, just grab and squeeze or kick. But I loved and would never ever hurt "these" balls.

I am yours. Oh my god, I swear I would make you my mistress in a heartbeat.

I wish I could meet a girl like you! It is my fetish, my ex used to do it every once in a while and it really turned me on when she'd take control. I'm wondering if this site is a good place to meet people, but it seems as though there isn't one for people to connect in real life! Let me know if there's a place where I can find women who would be interested in dating someone who is into that from time to time.

there you can meet real people ;)

Same here. I've never been hit where it counts, and I REALLY want to be someone's ballbusting slave

I like to hurt my boyfriend with a surprise hit or kick and watch him curl up on the floor and try to breathe then rub them and have sex afterwards. He always gets off in a bigger way !!! I one time I squeezed his balls real hard while I was sucking on him and it made him get off right away.

I love this so much. Would you be willing to break my balls, I like it hard. This is my biggest turn on.

You are devious in a delightful way.

Well, nature put our balls in a very vulnerable place for a reason.

I didn't feel like love after your foot slammed into my balls nor did it feel like love but I still love you