Bust My Balls

I lived with my sister in college and we didn't have actual sex but we fooled around and we liked for her to spank me and slap my tiny penis and testicles.

Girls are told if a guy tries something they don't want then hit or kick or knee him in the nuts. A lot of them are curious about that but never try it.

I asked girlfriends if they wanted to hurt my balls and a lot of them did. It was a turn-on for both of us.

When I was in my 30s I put sex personal ads in "underground" newspapers offering to let women hit me in the balls, no sex required.

Almost always I would get several phone calls, often from women with their friends who would laugh and giggle over how ridiculous I was.

Usually, in the month or so the ad ran, at least one woman would come over and often brought along a friend for safety. We would discuss this in advance and I would go to my apartment door naked and hard, all 3" of my penis standing straight up. I loved showing it off and talking about it and presenting my balls to be slapped.

I was with women of all ages and sizes and races, married and unmarried. It was amazing how little many of them knew about penises. Some of them were married and had children and had never really explored a penis. Mine was tiny and unthreatening.

My favorite was Michelle, in her late-20s and married to a dentist and her entire love life consisted of about 3 minutes of screwing on Saturday night. She was gorgeous, a great body, expensive hair and makeup and clothes, she drove a Mercedes, and she didn't want to slap my balls, she wanted a submissive man she could suck off, she had never given a blow job. She asked a lot of innocent and inexperienced questions about sex, she didn't have a clue, and she loved having a man who was honest and would do what she wanted, none of which was rough or demanding. She liked to blow me and swallow, make out with my back door, then go home and give her unknowing super-clean hubby a big kiss on the mouth.

Sara was another favorite. She was a teenager who came over with 2 of her friends and they were very rough with my balls. She was one of those black clothes goth-types who was very submissive herself but loved to torment me. She had a very foul mouth and quite an imagination. We were engaged for awhile but I let a male friend of hers screw me bareback and she dumped me.

Another one was a very shy Asian woman, tiny, very successful and wealthy, in her 50s, who would go ballistic and scream at me in Korean and beat my *** and **** and balls. There was never any sex with her, she kept her clothes on, and by the time she was done she would be very quiet and shy again and exhausted. She always offered me money and I refused to take it. She couldn't figure that out, her entire world revolved around money. "You crazy," she would tell me, not because of what we did but because I wouldn't let her pay me.

I could go on and on.
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5 Responses Apr 12, 2012

please tell us more

That sounds great! I wish I could find girls to bust me like that.

Did you ever get kicked in the balls with converse chucks?

Please share more...you really get me hot with your stories, I completely relate.

I thank you, I had a very pleasant ****** with this story...