Getting Kicked In The Balls: What It's Like For Me Before, During, And After

(written from the point of view of a fetishist)

I'm ALWAYS nervous when I know I'm about to be kicked in the balls. Even after years of playing with this fetish, I'm still nervous when I know it's about to happen. It's going to hurt and I know that the girl will have next to no sympathy. I'm like a guy who's afraid of heights and is about to go hang-gliding.

(And I LOVE this nervousness, I should add. I hope I never lose it. Ballbusting is so sexy to me because I'm turned on by the idea of a woman defeating a man in such an easy and humiliating away. It SHOULD hurt. If I wasn't nervous, there'd be no tension, no defeat for me, no triumph for her, no flavor, no fun.)

Instant overwhelming, immobilizing pain. When women ask me what it feels like, the simplest comparison I can come up with is to think of testicles as having the same sensitivity as a fresh bruise on your skin (a really bad bruise--swollen, purple). Then someone punches you in that very spot. Then multiply that pain by 10. Even a relatively light blow to the balls, like a firm slap, hurts a lot. Then the pain spreads to your stomach. Sometimes there's some nausea, but, for me, that part has always been mild.

I almost always drop to the floor. Sometimes I just go down to my knees with my hands cupping my nuts. Sometimes, I go full-on fetal position. My eyes water, I whimper, I take breaths that are short and sharp. I'm out on a river of testicular pain and I've got no paddle.

Feelings of humiliation over my situation. The physical pain spreading. I like to look at the girl who just kicked me. There's a swirl of emotions. A part of me resents her power. I'm a horny, heterosexual guy, a testosterone machine. Pretty girls make me stupid. I've been distracted all day by the sight of a well-formed woman. Just the sound of a woman's voice is sometimes enough to get me hot. As a man though, I've been taught that I'm supposed to be dominant. I'm physically stronger than most women. BUT her prettiness, her softness, and her overall femininity may be even stronger than me. A kick to the balls, such an overwhelming experience, is a blunt and simple illustraton of a woman's power. She is using my masculinity (my balls) against me. And I can't help but resent that.

At the same time, I also love it. I love a woman's power. If I didn't love her power, I'd be immune to it. And I want her to enjoy her power, as well (I think it's great that most women laugh when they see a guy take a kick in the nuts). I often like to cuddle after a ballbust, just be close to her, touch her, talk about what I'm feeling, as my balls still ache. I get crazy affectionate. It's not lost on me that I act like a woman after she's had good sex.
Pinballs Pinballs
31-35, M
May 23, 2012