My Balls Need Contact

Wow, am I ever obsessed with ballbusting. My testicles are anxious all the time. Every time I hear of, or see, balls being busted by women, I get an involuntary erection & I can feel my balls raise in their sack. When I was young, there was a girl I really had a crush for. She was SO cute and was also wild. She took me back to her house at lunch break to watch her dad's *****'s (to see if I would get an erection.) Eventually her & her friend had so much fun with me that we moved on to ballbusting. I really liked it! I still do, very much. I WISH I could find a girl to kick my balls. Or squeeze them, punch them, flick them, etc. Even just to chat with a girl about ballbusting would be great. Ohhh, how it turns me on to think of a girl who enjoys taking control over a man through his testicles. SO sexy! Balls are just so sensitive to the slightest contact & they're so vulnerable, just hanging there. I hurt my OWN balls all the time (sitting, running, etc, etc, etc.) If there are any girls out there who would enjoy trying it out, please try on me! I'm a young, good looking, & extremely kind guy. I am also very well hung & I have tugged (etc) on my testicles for years, so they hang real low (perfect for kicking or grabbing!) My nuggets are just yearning to be busted by a girl. My balls NEED contact! XO
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I know exactly what you mean. When I was a teen there was a girl who lived across the street and down one house and was a couple of years younger than me. One day when a bunch of us were hanging out she blurted out that she would like to kick a guy in the nuts as hard as she could and wanted to know if there were any takers. There were about 8 of us all together and about half were guys. I immediately volunteered. She got a huge smile on her face. So I stood up and spread my legs and she got into a kicking position, wound up and let loose on my balls. I screamed, got dizzy, went down and stayed there for quite a while. Everyone was laughing. When I finally recovered Nancy and I talked about it and we both enjoyed it. So that became a regular thing, whenever she was in the mood she told me to stand up and spread, and in whoever's front yard, back yard, bedroom, ba<x>sement we were at, she kicked and dropped me to the floor. I never could get enough.

That's cool! I really wish I could experience that again. Have you had any chances to do it again? (with her, or any girl?)

I have not seen Nancy since I was around 18 or 19. My owner/wife will smash me in the nuts periodically, and she taught my daughters how to do it as well.

Wow, that's awesome. So you still get it lots. And now there's new girls on the scene with sound advice (and probably practice too!) Any advice for a rookie? There was ONE time that I got lucky in the last 10 years.... a couple of college girls caught me ************ in a park, so I asked them if they would kick me 3 times each for some money and smokes. They agreed, but it all went so fast. I was very nervous and they didn't kick too hard. Oh, how I need that experience agian.

Part of finding someone is luck and coincidence. I do not have any specific advice to finding someone who will give you CBT. You could find some BDSM site and ask for someone, of if you are real daring, there is always craiglist.

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