Ballbusting Story Of Stories

Well, I cannot believe how many ballbusting stories there are. There seems to be at least one ballbust in EVERY movie ever made. On top of that, there are SO many stories out there (not sure which are true, but they're still amazing!)
There are many on basic television right now. My favorite is with Will Ferrel, and a hot actress is practicing for a scene that requires her to kick him in the balls (only she can't get it right & has to try over & over & over!) It seems every time, it is a woman/girl that does the busting. And her reaction is always emphasized (whether it's the "oops" face, or the "that's right" face.) It's more extreme, but there's lots of castration (the highest form of ballbusting!) There's Dirty Jobs, where I saw a woman teaching how to castrate a horse. On River Monsters, there was a "ball cutter" fish that killed two young men by biting off their testicles! And there are endless stories on the news about women busting balls (a woman who crushed a man's balls in her hand, a woman who killed a man with just a kick to his balls, & -my favorite- a young girl that ripped off her ex-boyfriends testicle and even tried to eat it! Woah. I also love the self-busted stories, like the guy who accidentally shot a gun in his car, which bounced off many things & eventually ended right on his own nut. There must be a million written stories on the net too. My personal favorite is about a brother & sister rivalry, where the boy cuts off his sister's ponytail one night while she was sleeping. The next night, the naive little girl cuts off her brothers balls (thinking they would grow back too!) I even know stories within my own life experience (there was a kid I knew growing up, who slipped off his roof, landed on a fence, & had one of his testicles ripped off.)
So many stories! It seems SO popular of a thing. Not to mention if you just look up "ballbusting" on the net, there are countless stories, pictures, & videos. I think my favorite of all, is definitely the normal girl who is curious, and just GIVES it to a guy, right in the nuts. XO
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I'd like to read the story about the brother who cut off his sister's ponytail, than she cut off his balls. What is it called?

I'm sorry, I wish I knew! It basically went like this.......... The brother & sister fought all the time.... one night, the brother cut off her ponytail & threw it in the fire & laughed. The next night, the sister went to cut something off her brother. She remembered that "thing" he had. She slowly pulled down his pants, & noticed many things. So she just grabbed his whole package, & got the scissors into position. Just as she started to cut, he woke up! His penis slipped out of the scissors but she cut really hard, & cut his balls right off! Then she quickly threw them in the fire & laughed. The boy lay in pain while the mom asked, "why?"... the girl just answered, "Well, it will grow back, won't it?" The mom rushed the boy to the hospital & the girl stayed home to watch her brother's testicles burning in the fire! ...............Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

........Reminds me of a joke I heard as a kid........ Little girl is curious about penis' & mother explains, "The boy puts his car in your garage..." The little boy & little girl are playing together one day until the moms hear a loud scream! The little girl comes in the room with bloody hands and says, "He tried to park his car in my garage, so I ripped off his two back wheels." Even as a kid, that made my balls fill up!

Aw, thats a shame. It sounds really funny too. Too bad you didnt save it.