I Don't Have A Weakness Here

This is a true story that happened with me and my ex(at the time current) girlfriend a few years back. This is by far the most erotic experience I have had in my life as it fit pretty much all the criteria of what makes ballbusting fun for me. A weak little girl, taming a cocky aggressive man significantly bigger than her by exploiting the weakness that makes him a man in the first place. It also helped that this girl did not really know the dominance and control of my bb fetish. She knew I liked to be hit in the balls but did not know I liked it more in a fight where the girl seemingly should have no chance only to win because of a ball shot. I had been in play fights with girls before but never really had the guts to leave my balls wide open until this day.

This girl, we will call her Katie, was about 5'6" 115 pounds with blonde hair blue eyes and a great figure. She was wearing a bra and panties at the time. I, who we will call John for this story, am about 5'11" 185 of mostly muscle and was wearing nothing but boxers. We were both like 23 at the time.

This story started one morning after I got out of the shower and was drying off. I was in a frisky mood so I started to whip snap the towel at Katie. Katie shot back by playfully saying, "john the purpose of your towel is to dry yourself, not to whip your girlfriend." My response to this was, "Oh yeah, well what are you gonna do about it?" To this she replied, "I can kick your ***." My responce to this was to drop the towel, stand up straight with my chest in the air and get about 5 inches from her and taunt her: "Yeah right your just a weak little girl." "I can still beat you up" she replied. After this I got more in her face and got close enough to her where I could stand over her and look straight down on her. "Oh yeah", I said, "yeah" she said. This "oh yeah", "yeah" dialog went back and forth a few times when I finally said "Oh yeah, how how?" with a little push on her chest.

To this she replied by seamlessly grabbing my balls without me even noticing she moved her hand. I immediately backed off my my cocky chest in the air position and stood there in what could be described as an amazing feeling of fear and vulnerability. She then paused for a second and looked me in the eyes with an evil grin and said "Because I...., don't have a weakness here" while giving my balls a few pulsing squeezes to let me know she was referring to my balls. She then let go and gave me a "haha you just got owned" look and walked away to which I retook my arrogant attitude and pointed out that I was still stronger than her. She owned me with words once again by saying "yeah, well atleast I keep all my weak parts on the inside." The story ended right there and my **** was probably as hard as it ever has gotten.

Later that night in bed I brought up the morning by saying in a real fight I could still kick her *** and she would never even get to my balls. Her reply was "I would go there before you even knew you were in a fight." I then pointed out to her that my balls were actually a strength because they give me big muscled. Her response was "I see it as nothing more than a weakness." "How is it a weakness" I replied. "Well, You think with this(as she stroked my ****) and I can cause you great pain with these(as she squeezed my balls just hard enough to let me know she could cause pain)" After that we ****** but this story has been relived in my head over and over and I will never forget it.
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When i was about 7 this boy came over to my tree house that my dad built. He was 8. when i got him up there i told him about guys making love to girls and that i saw my dad and mom do it. He said really?? I said yeah and it looked like fun. He said what did they do and i said i will show you ok? He said ok. I know he liked me a lot and I laid down and said now lay on me. He reluctantly laid down on me and then i said now wiggle your body. He wiggled and i felt his little package work me. He got hard and that was cool because it drove me wild. I asked him to roll off and he was so hot. I reached over and played with his stuff and finally got the nerve to unzip his pants and i played with everything. We got naked and he did it again and this time he put his thing right between my legs and wiggled. I got off over and over and he went wild. People don't know that someone that age can feel amazing things but i do. He was so hard and i was juicy. I asked him to lay down and i sat on his stuff. I told him to close his eyes and he did. I raised up a little and slid it in me and I sat back down. He said its so hot feeling and then i moved up and down some and we went absolutely wild. He came immediately and i dont think anything or much came out but when i got off his balls were gone?!!!! I said where are your balls and he showed me how to push them back into the bag. They were little and he said i don't know why but when I felt that crazy feeling they pulled up inside me. After playing with them i knew why boys got hurt so easy there. He was scared because i bled some but i told him that my older friend told me that was normal. Later that month i got this older boy that was 13 to come up there. I did the same thing and his balls and thing were huge. I thought oh no i don't think i can handle a thing that big. But it got long and hard and i sat on him and painfully put it in some and then he groaned and pulled it in and out a few times and shot stuff all over me and i mean a lot !!! Wow first time i found out what a boy with developed balls puts out especially for his first time. dang....that did hurt.

This older boy (about 12) had fully developed stuff and i when i was 7 he dared me to kick his testicles. I kicked over and over pretty hard and could not drop him. I got him to take off his clothes and they were huge. He got me to take off mine while i kicked him there. I noticed that he became weaker and weaker and started to bend over when i got him. IF i kicked real fast it hurt him more. Finally i just walked up to him and grabbed each one in my hands. Each one filled up my hand. So i figured they are slipping out of the way so i will trap them. They were slippery at first but i quickly learned how to trap them. I squeezed each one hard and he froze, then bent over. I took him to his knees then to the ground. I felt so strong. I told him that now i know how to hurt balls. I dug my fingers into each one and felt them squish to nearly rupturing. He moaned and groaned and could not move at all, he held my wrists and begged me to let go. I gave one final squeeze and tried to rupture them but they were to strong for me. He yelled and curled up for a long time. I knew then how weak testicles were even big ones. After he got up (about 20 minutes) i walked up to him and put my hands on his hips and said i am so sorry and he said you are so strong for your size. Without warning i jerked my knee up into his sac just like i saw in a movie and he hit the floor again paralyzed. I laughed and skipped off. He later told me that when he has had sex over the years he thinks of what i did to him each time and it make his sex better. I told him that i do the same thing. So i asked him if he wanted to do it again, he said oh yeah. So I kicked him again gently at first from behind naked. He went down each time and I said you got weaker, and he said no you are bigger and stronger. His balls were still huge to me and i went ahead and gave him a firm one and he stayed down. I was surprised because i was not kicking that hard at all. He said you could easily rupture me now if you kicked harder. I did the squeeze to each one and he curled up and begged me to let go and i was barely squeezing them. It would be so easy to rupture them now i told him. He said do it harder and i put about 1/4 power into it and it floored him for a long time, i could feel the nuts almost rupture. So this time i drained him and it was so nice, like fulfilling a fantasy. He was big and hard as can be but i made him come in about 10 minutes.

Great experience. Suggestion can be very powerful.