My Girl Used Mine

I would meet my girl at the door to the apartment - she would call to make sure i was home. After work, on her way to her "happy" home she liked to come by my place. I worked from home then, so I was typically home.

She would knock and I would answer and I could always tell whether she'd been having a good day or bad. If it was a good day she would come inside, get something to drink, and we would head to the patio or bedroom for a quick romp.

If she'd had a bad day - she would give me a big hug and just as I relaxed into her arms she would give me a sharp knee to my nuts. She would hold me there while I winced in pain, and then she'd give me one more for good measure, step back and with a huge smile, thank me, and head back to her car. Doing that always made her bad days dealing with a bunch of lawyers somehow better. I always hoped it wasn't such a bad day to earn me three or four knee slams.

She would leave with a smile on her face and leave me with an ache in my gut.
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This older man asked me if i wanted to use his pool and I was about 11. I snuck over and he was in the pool. I got in and swam. He said you want me to hold you up. I said yeah so he put a hand under my stomach and legs. He moved me around the pool and then i stuck my head under the water to look and i saw a huge thing and balls, he had no trunks on. He took me to the shallow end and pulled me to him and thats when i acted like i accidently kneed his balls. He bent over and i said oh i'm sorry and backed out of the pool. He groaned and said you jacked one up inside my belly !! He staggered out of the pool and i watched him push his ball back into the bag. His balls were gigantic and he had a nice big fat thing. I was intrigued. I was thinking well i got him once so if he pushes to fast i can always get him again and next time it will hurt a lot more. So anyway he walked up to me and said don't hurt me again ok? I said ok and reached out to touch his chest and he pulled me to him gently and i felt him get super hard. He pushed my head down and i went to my knees. I was looking right at his balls hanging down and his thing was in my face. He held my head gently and was being nice and not forcing anything so i took a testicle in each hand and rolled them thinking ok i got him now and can rupture him if he trys to do anything i don't want him to do. Then he said will you squeeze them for me. I said sure and squeezed away. He bent some but could take every squeeze. I was thinking oh no my squeezes won't work. I dug my fingers into each ball and squeezed as hard as i could and it took him down and he curled up for a while. Then i rubbed them a long time. He asked if i knew how to test the balls and i said you mean make you come, he was surprised and said yes. I said yes i can. I jacked him off and squeezed a testicle hard while i did it and he came all over me. It was so much. I stood up and jerked my knee into his low hanging testicles and he dropped and stayed there.. I said i wanted you to feel some real pain since you like it. He groaned and i said i gotta go home. He waved. The next time i went over there it was rupture the balls time again and i really made his balls hurt super bad that time. He said i was almost to much for him and i hurt him worse than grown women that he had over. One time he asked me to come over and this lady was there and she watched me hurt him over and over and she said wow you are mean, I said he likes it.

My step brother got me to kick and knee him for years since i was 6 or 7. I took karate lessons and got real fast. When i was 8 I could drop him and he was 12. One day i tested my knee on my step dad and he went all the way down and curled up coughing for about 20 minutes. He said you got them both real hard, nice knee. I told him that i know exactly where the testicles are and how to get them best. He said who taught you and i said your son. He lets me practice on him naked and i could see the balls and how to hurt them best. He said i don't think mine will work for me tonight now. I rubbed them and he was ok, huge balls, its no wonder they got hurt so bad. I got him to pull his pants down and i was amazed at how low they hung and one was a lot lower than the other one. I asked him to tense up his belly and saw his left one pull all the way back up to his body and go inside him, it was cool. His son taught me about that and said the one that does not lift up will get busted up the worst so go ahead and hit that side more. So from then on i went after his right ball when i grabbed and kneed him. It got him each time real good.

Fabulous - it's cool that he let you practice your technique for maximum pain and pleasure. Hard to find a woman that enjoys it as you seem to. Love to hear more about your experiences with your step brother.

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ok, well I remember taking a motor home trip with my parents friends, they let me go to florida with them when I was about 9. I went to the back of the motor home and locked the sliding door and their son was laying on the bed in boxers. I looked at him and his fly was open and he was asleep. I was fascinated with the meat I saw. I carefully sat down beside him and opened his fly and looked. He was about 14. I saw a nice fat thing and one ball (boy was it big) and I figured the other one was hanging down or trapped between his leg and thing. So I took two of my fingers and moved the ball back and forth, it was so nice. I saw his thing get bigger it started sticking out of his fly straight up. then I could see both balls. I felt his thing the skin was soft but it was hard and big. I held it in my hand and moved it some and then I looked up and he was looking at me. I froze and said oops I thought you were asleep. He said don't stop. I shook his thing some and he wiggled around then he let me play with his balls and pulled my head down. I went down and kissed his thing and he pushed my head down and I sucked on it a while. He pushed me off real quick and I saw it shoot straight up four times and land on his belly. Wow. Then his mother said unlock this door. He jerked a cover over him real quick and acted like we were talking. He had to tilt his knees up or she would have seen his huge *****. She never suspected that we did anything and it was funny. He asked me how I knew so much about boys bodies and I told him I have felt guys before a lot. He said I know I could tell you worked my stuff like a pro. I was honored.

It seems to me that this type of girls is rare...