Happy In Ballet Flats.

As the title says, I am happy to wear ballet flats. I just love them. They are very practical, comfortable especially when I wear them with hose and lightweight. For example, I wear men's canvas shoes or my converse when I go out to work or shopping. I still have not tried to pull it off going out openly wearing ballet flats. But my point here is that my regular shoes that I wear are so uncomfortable because there's times they feel a little tight and so they really bother me and of course they are heavier. I guess my foot has gotten used to the ballet flats. I have about 5 different styles and they are so comfortable that I just feel that I'm wearing regular shoes. The only time I go out of my home in ballet flats is very early in the morning when I drive to work. But I change into my pair of shoes for work in my car. I honestly don't feel like taking them off. I just feel like going in to my job wearing them, but I'm sure alot of people at work would probably "flip" just for me doing that. I don't care if ballet flats are made for women I'm still going to wear them even if it's just at home at least for the time being.  I believe that ballet flats are unisex, but they still sell them as women's shoes and I'm sure they are working their way up to be sold as unisex. Quote me if I'm wrong. Well, it's been great to share this story with all of you. I'm just expressing how I feel as a man that loves to wear ballet flats and saying what I believe. And i don't care if I look girly in ballet flats as long as I'm comfortable and happy. To all men who wear ballet flats, let's keep it going and by the time we know it a good majority of men are going to be wearing ballet flats out openly.  
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Your time has come to go out in public wearing flats. Start in small, less crowded places like a bookstore during the week. Don't be foolish like me who waited over two decades to find courage. For more on this, see my two-part story on my shoe liberation.

Copletly agree with Tori, if you don´t try it, you will never know the feeling of being free to wear what you like, this is the idea that bumped to me to wear flats openly. There is not better experience that being at home in flats and goig to the bamk or for a coffe in them without careing you waht are you wearing. Cheers!
from Madrid!

I know how you feel. I LOVE ballet flats too. For many years I wanted to wear mine as everyday shoes but was afraid of what people might think. Then one day I stopped hiding my desires and started wearing them. There were a few bumps in the road but you can't put a price on happiness.

Here's a couple of stories you might want to read about men wearing women's flats.

Good luck.

Thank you for briefly sharing a bit of your experience. These brief words are encouraging to me. Like you said there's a few bumps on the road and very true that we can't put a price on happiness. So I might try going shopping wearing my ballet flats this weekend and see what happens. Because just like you I've been hiding my desires and I think it's been enough. If I don't try then I'll never know what it's like and this could turn into a long and slow journey. Also thanks for the info for these websites. I'll check them out.