First Time In Public, At The Seaside

Yes, my first time with flats in public was at the seaside. I were at a solitaire beach in mediterranean coast, so i dicide to take a walk by the seaside in my brown ballet flats, of course i was wearing jeans and tan pantyhose underneath.
I started walking by the seaside near the water, wetting a little my flats and pantyhosed feet, then a group of mature women appear at the horizon, i do not know but because the nervous i decided to walk inside water so those women did not take too much attention, a guy wetting his jeans is quite normal, but i thought, what the hell, if nobody see you in flats is like not wearing them, so i dicided to conyinue by the seaside, this time showing my wet flats, pantyhose and wet jeans till the knee, and in fact show me more than 20 people including men, girls and women, it was so exciting.
I think they tought why this guy is wetting his flats instead go barefoot? or why that guy is wearing flats? yes, but i prefer wearing flats than barefoot, and i love swimming fully dressed instead bare, so i finalized inside the water fully dressed and of course feeling my flats whyle swimming. Have you ever try? Cheers from Madrid - Spain
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No, I live as a female now full time but have never been in the ocean as one

I have to say that where I live I do not have a beech near, so I have not try that. But I did have to say that the first time you wear them in public it is a little bit of nerveraking, and also you could hear comments about it. To tell you the truth, the first time I wear mine in public was a little nervous, but then the feeling went away and even knewing I had an extra pair of men shoes in the car, I decided not to change and so I had them on the entire day, and even at night when I went to dinner with my in-laws
But yes I know how it feels at first. Good for you men, congrats from Cincinnati OH USA

no beach near? ... hhmmm ... wait till it´s raining and then each puddle has it´s own beach ... lol

Yeah that is true, however we are kind near summer, chances of rain are limited, but you are right. I think I did that once and it was great, exept that my feet and shoes ended up all muddy, which don't get me wrong but even though it was an experience that I do not regret, (sensation speaking) the look on my shoes and myself was not placent. I'm one of those people that likes to be clean, not that I'm obsessed with that matter, but been dirty is something I can't allow myself. Nonetheless if I have the chance of a rainy day I will do it, but not near mudd.

Chances of rain are limited? come to Spain, from March to April had been the most rainning period from 1970, so as miki says, we have tons of beaches. lol

I´m in spain too ... only a bit more south of you ... ;-)

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