Practice Makes Perfect

I've been practicing on how to walk in my ballet boots. At first, I slowly worked on how getting use to the way they feel and wore them without walking.  Taking short trips across the room was an experience.  I find it fun and challenging.  I don't wear them out in public, yet.  Sometimes when it's late in the evening I put on one of my corsets and nylons and slip into them and lay on the bed.  I then start to fantasize about what would happen if I'm with someone else.  My imagination starts to take over and leads me to strap on one of my remote vibrators and well, I guess you can imagine what happens next. 
Debbie2100 Debbie2100
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

They appear to be erotically challenging! I have never tried this type of shoe, but it looks amazing.

They can be quite erotic. I can now walk in them once I put a short piece of foam down where my toes are to help comfort them.